The Brand




World of Diamonds (WOD) Group has always been behind some of the finest diamonds and jewelry pieces. Through joint ventures with maisons in Europe and the Americas, the Group has been fully integrated in diamond mining, polishing, high jewelry creation and distribution to leading luxury brands. Today, the World of Diamonds brand is owned by Singapore-based philanthropist Karan Tilani.


Utilizing the best science and unrestrained creativity, World of Diamonds has attained a reputation for its large, dazzling, fancy colored diamonds and by being proactive in benefiting communities.

With its compliance to the regulations of the World Diamond Council and the commitment in using all reasonable endeavors to obtain diamonds through legitimate channels, the Group opposes the facilitation of illicit activities.


While demonstrating standards of quality and excellence, World of Diamonds has been behind it all. A Spirit of Ecstasy, the bonnet ornament on Rolls-Royce automobiles, encrusted with 2851 diamonds weighing 38.80 carats and handmade in solid gold that costs more than the car itself. A jewelry collection inspired by the city of Geneva. Diamonds cut in the shape of a crescent moon, because in Roman Catholic Marian veneration, it is associated with the Virgin Mary.

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